Shinko Karate York, Course & Grading with Sensei Frank BrennanCOURSE & GRADING WITH SENSEI FRANK BRENNAN JULY 2013

Well, it wasn't quite the hottest day of the year, but the heat was definitely turned up at our Woodthorpe Dojo in York. The day started with a two hour advanced training session for the Dan grades.  The style of the session was to focus on detail and self improvement covering Khion, Kumite and Kata.  The last hour was concentrated on Bassai Sho and Meikyo working on the finer points of the Katas and by the end of the session there wasn't one dry gi in the dojo. It was great to see members of Leeds Shotokan Karate Club supporting the advanced course, many thanks.

Due to the numbers, 62 students, the grading was split into two sessions. The first session white to orange belt and the second session red to brown belt. Prior to each grading there was a one hour lesson covering the syllabus and what Sensei Brennan would be expecting to see in the grading exam. Overall the standard was very high and on several occasions a noted "very good attitude". We also had members of Leeds Shotokan Karate Club and Chesterfield Karate Club attending the grading, so once again thank you for your support.

Shinko Karate would also like to extend a large thank you to Sensei Brennan on his outstanding teaching throughout the day and look forward to seeing you again in October.......