5th Sunderland Karate Championships 2014

5th Sunderland karate ChampionshipS JUNE 2014

For the second year running at this event, all our students at Shinko Karate - York  gave a great performance and we did not come away empty handed. The hard work and commitment the squad is putting in, is definitely paying off... So keep it up and more sucess will follow.

1st  place - Alfie Lewis-Strodder, Boys Kumite 10 yrs and under.
2nd place - Charlie Huddleston, Boys Kumite 10 yrs and under.
2nd place - Jason Crowther Mixed Kata 16 yrs and over.
3rd place - Charlie Oxtoby, Brown Belt Kata.
3rd place - Thomas Crowther Boys Kumite 15 - 17 yrs.
3rd place - Team Shinko Mixed Team Kumite (Thomas Crowther, Emily Drysdale & James Humphries).


Emily, Jason and Ryan

LIVERPOOL YOUTH karate Championships MAY 2014

Well done to all our students who entered this competition. This event is great for our novice competitors for them to gain experience in competition karate and once again we are seeing steady improvements across the board, so keep up your hard work. It will pay off!!

Shinko Karate were placed in 3 events so congratulations to Ryan, Emily and Jason.

3rd place - Ryan Oxtoby, Childrens Ippon Kumite.
3rd place - Emily Drysdale, Girls Kumite  5ft 3" and over Kumite.
3rd place - Jason Crowther, Junior Kumite 18 - 20yrs.


Junior Lefevre


Sendai Kushiro in Sunderland hosted a kumite course not to be missed - Sensei Junior Lefevre from Belgium is 2 x World Champion and 9 x European Champion. The kumite course lasted for 4 hours and during that time we practiced various elements from distance and timing to defense and attack. The time spent was truly inspirational and hopefully those that attended from Shinko have taken away plenty to work on.

Many thanks to Sendai for a superb event!!


Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan KUGB


Shinko Karate - York welcomed back Sensei Frank Brennan. The first training session was for the Kyu grades, it was  enthusiastically attended and Sensei looked at improving technique.  The second session is aimed at our Dan grades, Sensei focused on kumite techniques followed by katas for those taking their 3rd Dan grading.  As always Sensei Brennan managed to get the very best from all.



Garry Harford 7th Dan


Well done to all 70 students who graded with Sensei Garry Harford today. The day consisted of several training sessions with the content expertly tailored to the age and ability of the students.  Everyone enjoyed the day and we look forward to welcoming Sensei Harford back to Shinko Karate - York soon.



KUGB Grand Slam


The KUGB Grand Slam is an event for all members of the International Kata & Kumite Squads from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. They compete together in preparation for international tournements later in the year. The technical standard at the Grand Slam is of an extremely high standard. We have two members of the International Junior Squad, Jason Crowther and Thomas Crowther. Jason however was unable to compete due to a severe bout of the flu, but his younger brother Thomas did extremely well gaining bronze. He was unable to fight for gold due to sustaining a broken nose in the semi-final match.

3rd place - Thomas Crowther Cadet Kumite 13-15yrs.


45th North West Open Karate Championships

45th NORTH WEST OPEN karate Championships MARCH 2014

We took a small contingent across to these championships. Some of our novice competitors did well progressing through various rounds and Robert Guilfoyle managed to earn himself a 3rd place in the Ippon Kumite. Well Done!!

3rd place - Robert Guilfoyle, Ippon Kumite Under 15 over 5ft.


AMA International Open

AMA INTERNATIONAL OPEN karate Championships feb 2014

Jason was our only competitor from Shinko Karate - York to attend these championships, as usual he did not disappoint us gaining a 3rd place in his category. For those who know Jason he is not a small lad, however today he looked small compared to the other competitors. The lads in this event where actually bigger than the senior male event!!

3rd place - Jason Crowther, Cadet Kumite 16-17yrs +75kg.



1st Northumbria open karate Championships feb 2014

This was to be our first Karate Championships of the year, a small team comprising of Jason Crowther with brother Thomas Crowther and  Ethan Armstrong from Leeds Shotokan. All three competitors performed well gaining medals in their respective catagories. A new challenge was the team event, Jason, Ethan and old time friend Oliver Willison from Pocklington Karate Centre entered for the Senior Team Rotation. The round is run for six minutes non stop and each competitor must take a turn and fight within the six minutes with only the coach decides when to change his fighter. Our fighters fought well scoring many points, but unfortunately not enough to win the round.

1st  place - Ethan Armstrong, Cadet Kumite 16-17yrs +75kg.
2nd place - Thomas Crowther, Cadet Kumite 14-15yrs +70kg.
3rd place - Jason Crowther, Cadet Kumite 16-17yrs +75kg.



On the 25th January 2014 the KUGB England Junior Squad Selections were held at the Red Triangle Dojo in Liverpool and is open to all KUGB karateka from 13 to 20. The day starts with a fight-off, students are called up in pairs for a kumite bout. This is an intense affair as both students want to prove the worthyness and be selected for the Squad. Those who are selected then stay for a 3 hour, hard training session.

Shinko are delighted to say that Jason Crowther has been selected for his 4th consecutive year and brother Thomas Crowther has also been selected. This is Thomas's first time for the squad, so well done.



A great and enjoyable day! A huge amount of compeitiors making the scale of this competition quite daunting for some of our first time and younger members all of whom took the day in their stride.  Shinko team spirit and attitude was evident throughtout the day with imrpoved performances from all. The large amount of competitiors increased the number of rounds in each category and so praise must go to all who competed but particulary the following students who narrowly missed out on a medal.

4th place - Daniel Myers, Male Individual Kumite Any Grade 8 to 10 years.
4th place - Luca Manfredi, Male Individual Kumite Any Grade 8 to 10 years.
4th place - Alfie Lewis Strodder Individual Kata Mixed 10th to 4th Kyu 9 years and below.
4th place - Thomas Crowther Individual Kumite Dan grades 14 to 15 years.

Click here for the competition gallery



A great day which started off with our adult grading with all successfully achieving their next belt, well done.  This was followed by a 2 hour class focusing on kumite development, working on specialised techniques - extremely beneficial and giving us plenty to work on.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the training and grading of 56 of our students. The training sessions were aimed at improving kicking tequniques followed by the grading with some great performances receiving some good comments  and 4 students double grading.

All of us from Shinko Karate - York would like to thank Sensei Holdsworth and Sensei Nicholson for their excellent tuition and making it such and enjoyable day.



Jason represented Shinko Karate at the Karate England National Championships held in Loughborough. This is an open competition with competitors from various clubs, styles and associations.

Jason did us pround and earned himself gold in the Junior Kumite heavyweight catagory. Well Done!!!

1st place - Jason Crowther Junior Kumite 75kgs+


Proud Moment! Bronze medals for Alfie and Scarlet at the KUGB Northern Region Championships 2013 in Sunderland. Well done to all those who competed and a special mention to those who were competing for the first time.

3rd place - Alfie Lewis-Strodder, Childrens Kata Novice to 4th Kyu under 16 years.
3rd place - Scarlet Robson, Childrens Ippon Kumite Mixed under 10 years.


York Karate

Frank Brennan Course OCTOBER 2013

For the third time this year, Shinko Karate welcomes back Sensei Frank Brennan (7th Dan KUGB). We followed our usual format with the Junior grades training from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and the Senior Dan grades from 6:45pm to 8:45pm.

Sensei Brennan put the Junior grades through Kihon (basic form) focusing on detail of the hand and foot positioning. The Juniors responded well throughout the whole lesson - Well Done!! 

Moving on to the Senior class, the mood was Kumite, working on co-ordination and timing of hands, feet and movement. The last 45 mins was devoted to the Kata Kanku Dai, a favourite kata for all :)

May we also thank members of the Leeds Shotokan Karate Club for supporting the course and once again to Sensei Frank Brennan for his outstanding tuition.


Shotokan-Cup-2013SHOTOKAN CUP SEPTEMBER 2013

The Shotokan Cup is a prestigious KUGB competition for Brown and Black Belts only. Competitors travel across the county to compete at this event. Shinko Karate Team took three members along, Jason Crowther, Thomas Crowther and Emily Drysdale all of whom fought exceedingly well.

Jason tried out some new techniques and earnt himself a Silver medal, if it wasn't for a slip-up in the final, he would of secured Gold.

2nd place - Jason Crowther, Male Junior Kumite 16-17 yrs.
3rd place - Thomas Crowther, Boy's Kumite 12-15 yrs.


Spartan Race 2013SPARTAN RACE SEPTEMBER 2013

Our very own England Squad Member, Jason Crowther entered for the Spartan Sprint. Spartan Sprints are muddy 5 KILOMETERS / 15+ OBSTACLES course races. This 5k race is comprised of mud runs, obstacles, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges. Well done Jason on completing this race.

Next year Shinko Karate will be entering a team, so those of you who wish to give it a go, please book your place with us.


Shinko Karate York, Course & Grading with Sensei Frank BrennanCOURSE & GRADING WITH SENSEI FRANK BRENNAN JULY 2013

Well, it wasn't quite the hottest day of the year, but the heat was definitely turned up at our Woodthorpe Dojo in York. The day started with a two hour advanced training session for the Dan grades.  The style of the session was to focus on detail and self improvement covering Khion, Kumite and Kata.  The last hour was concentrated on Bassai Sho and Meikyo working on the finer points of the Katas and by the end of the session there wasn't one dry gi in the dojo. It was great to see members of Leeds Shotokan Karate Club supporting the advanced course, many thanks.

Read more: Frank Brennan Course & Grading July 2013


A huge WELL DONE to all our competitors Jason Crowther, Thomas Crowther, Emily Drysdale, Charlie Oxtoby, Luca Manfredi, Scarlet Robson and Alfie Lewis Strodder at the KUGB National Youth Championships 2013 in Chesterfield. For our younger competitiors, their first taste of a major competition and they rose to the occasion with improvements on performances for everyone.  As to be expected at National level some very tough and talented competitors from all over the country - our star competitor of the day was Jason Crowther who reached the semi-finals in the Male Kata 16-20 years of age and won the Silver medal in the Male Kumite 16 -17 years.

2nd  place - Jason Crowther, Male Kumite 16-17 years.


Team winners at the 4th Sunderland Karate Championships

4th Sunderland karate Championship JUNE 2013

Congratulations to all our competitors Jason Crowther, Thomas Crowther, Emily Drysdale, Charlie Oxtoby, Luca Manfredi, Scarlet Robson and Alfie Lewis Strodder who travelled to City Space in Sunderland for the 4th Sunderland Karate Championships. A day of great excitement and fantastic results with some of our members narrowly missing out on medals. There was a great sense of team spirit throughout the day, you were all a credit to the club.  Thank you must also go to our supportive parents for cheering us on.

1st  place - Team Shinko, Under 16yrs Mixed Team Kumite.
2nd place - Thomas Crowther, Boy's Kumite 11-14 yrs Boys over 5ft Kumite. 2nd place - Charlie Oxtoby, Under 16 yrs Novice - 4th Kyu Kata. 3rd place - Jason Crowther, 15-17 yrs Male Kumite.



Liverpool Youth Karate Championships JUNE 2013

The 12th City of Liverpool Youth Championships took place on Saturday 1st June 2013 at Firefit Community Centre, Toxteth.  There were some wonderful performances and great results. The display of attitude and determination from our younger members at their first competition really stood out.  Well done to all our competitors: Jason Crowher, Thomas Crowther, Emily Drysdale, Charlie Oxtoby, Luca Manfredi, Scarlet Robson and Alfie Lewis Strodder.

3rd place - Jason Crowther, Male Junior Kumite 16-17 yrs inclusive 6th Kyu and above.
3rd place - Thomas Crowther, Boy's Kumite 12-15 yrs inclusive 6th Kyu and above.


Sensei Frank Brennan at Shinko Karate, York.

Frank Brennan Course April 2013

On 5 April 2013 Shinko Karate was very pleased to welcome world class instructor Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan for an evening of training.  A well attended all grades under 14 training course was a big hit, with everyone giving 100% to the lesson. This was followed by an intensive 2 hour session for Dan grades only that focused very much on detail and improving technique.

We are alreading looking forward to his next visit in July!